Better Times

Better times will come
Just hang on in there
Keep your head up high
Don’t let them get you!

I know you feel all alone
And see no way out
But there is
Just turn the other way
And be strong only a little longer

Life can be harsh and tough
But it can also be very beautiful
It has many things worth living for
And worth fighting for

I know you are strong
I know you have it in you
You have the power to do everything you desire
Believe in yourself
Even when no one else believes
No one can take your strength away from you

You have the will, the strength and the power
To change this world for the better
You can and you will make it a better place
Do whatever you desire and don’t settle for less
You are worth it!

One thought on “Better Times

  1. I to have been to the bottom where there is none, for a very long time, bud suddenly everything changed, and then i finaly found you πŸ’– So Thank You for sharing your power of Hope, for we all suffer these illnesses and deceptions, but it is in all of us; just listen to yourself and don’t let others bend your will and desires, Much πŸ’œ


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