For My Love

Lonely days that once were, are no more
You chased away the rainy days
And brought back the sun
An everlasting light and warmth
You fill me up with love
Sweetness and kindness

I have never have felt as much at home
Never felt so loved, so at peace
At peace with myself and with life

Looking into your eyes feels magical
As if my heart still can’t believe
you are really here
My heart smiles an eternal smile

The day you walked into my life
I will never forget
Your vibrant smile
Your familiar eyes

It was as if I knew you
And you knew me
And we reunited that day
My life began that day

And sometimes I look at you
Eyes opened in amazement and love
And everlasting gratitude
For the lonely days that once were
Are now no more

One thought on “For My Love

  1. Wow, thank you my Love, i feel the same. Its like living high in the clouds, yet never been this down to Life before. We are part of each other and always will be, and i thank you to, for being you, who you are, who you want to be, and who you do not wish to be. IK HOU VAN JOU


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