Letting Go

You confront me with my false, negative beliefs
You take me back to the person I was supposed to be
The natural state of living
The things that truly matter
I need to stop resisting
Start trusting
Trust myself more fully
Stop worrying
Believe in myself
I need to let go of implemented thoughts
Implemented ways of how to live your life
One size does not fit all
Trying to please everyone doesn’t work
I need to start pleasing just me
Follow my joy, my happiness
Stop living inside the box
There is no room in there for my dreams
For my expansion
Can’t spread my wings
Can’t grow
Can’t live to my full potential
No room for error
I can’t be “perfect”
Nor do I need to be
No room for freedom
Just the same repeated patterns
The same actions every day
Do what they want, when they want it
Do what they say, otherwise you will be punished
Don’t think for yourself, remain dumb
Don’t stand out
Don’t fight the system
Be humble, don’t ask questions
Be pretty
Have a fancy job
So she can brag about me with her neighbours
You know, the ones she hates so much

You taught me to step away from it all
It doesn’t matter what they think
Life is what truly matters
Living your dreams
Being in love
Let go, let go, let go…
Slowly, and lovingly
You bring me back to the person I once was
The one I was supposed to be

One thought on “Letting Go

  1. I love this poem very much, it gives hope and insight, it reflects the power we need to let go and proceed with our own lives. It shows me that all will be alright if you Live your Love, because then everything will be just as you love it. And it also shows us we dont need to hold on to negativety and fear, because something you love, where you can hold on will always be near.


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