Now I know why

Life has never been easy on me
So dark I could barely see
Always felt cold, estranged
I wanted to escape, but nothing ever changed

I went through tough times
Harsh words and hurtful lies
The outside world became a stranger
Always felt like I was in great danger

Not playing along with the system
I refuse to being a victim
I follow my own heart
Never let down my guard

Don’t want to listen to the words they’re saying
I am done playing
Give me the courage, the strength, the power
I am strong, like a dying flower
Fighting to survive
There must be more to this life

My entire life I have waited for this
The coming of your kiss
The moment our souls merged into one
All of my fears and worries became undone
We are one being
Our souls forever singing

Now I know why
All that I am and all that I do
All of my life and even after I die
I have been waiting for you

2 thoughts on “Now I know why

  1. Wauw Snoogy, i feel honored and blissful, you did it again. I am so proud of you; p.s. you could make a song out of this poem đź’–


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