Open your eyes

Open your eyes
See the truth
Look around you
What has the world come to?

People in need of help
But no one cares
No soothing words
Or helping hands
In these great times of need

They feed you with lies
Lies that poison us
Lies that frighten us
Don’t turn the other way
When you see the truth

Don’t close your eyes
That won’t make it stop
It will only make it worse
Just because you don’t see it
Doesn’t make it less real

We have the power to make a change
It lies in the little everyday things
Smile at a stranger
Talk to your neighbour
Help someone in need
Do someone else a favour

Don’t shut your heart
We have to fight together
Not with deadly weapons,
but with kindness
Love is the greatest of all weapons
It kills all the hatred

One thought on “Open your eyes

  1. This is the Real truth you wrote, the Real Reality you are showing us, the Only Real Solution you give us. True Words of Wisdom, True Act of Love; and Love is Life, so please share if you care? šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–


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