World of illusion

Stuck in your own world
Blind to see
Feelings other than your own
are irrelevant

Such a shame
You must feel lonely
No trans-passing
Or you will be shot

You built a wall
With no doors
Or windows
You feel stuck

Hidden in plain view
Visible only to the blind
And the kindhearted
What do you need?

I offer you my hand
You give me screams
You yell, I smile
I cry, you laugh

Why do you feel stuck?
No need to feel lonely
Leave your world of drama
It’s an illusion

One thought on “World of illusion

  1. A feeling or a state of mind everyone knows, realy dull when you look at it from another place, another level then your own; bud dont feel sorry for yourself, bud be thankful and embrace yourself with peace and Love for the reality you want to create and then shape it, just as you immagined it. Love…


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